Our business is based primarily on referrals from satisfied customers. Here's what our well-cared for clients have to say about our work:

Andrew L. in Austin TX

All the flooring companies that I got quote from suggested tresholds between tiles and wood floors, but Sam suggested to use same prefinished boards placed flash aganist tiles since they are same thickness. I knew he was a pro at that moment, he installed the wood floors,so there are seamless transactions to other floors. Great job, great guy!

Brad C. Austin, TX

I had wood floors installed by other companies before and I did not notice the difference between high quality installation and poor workmanship until I seen his work. When I talked to Sam,I told him that I will buy the materials, but he offered better quality materials for much less and installed on time,floors are prefinished 5" wide handscrapped boards installed on diagonal,it looks like a million. That is high quality professional wokmanship.

Mrs.Johnson, in Austin TX

I was lucky to find Sam to install Bamboo floors for the house I was remodelling, his crew and himself did a great job. I highly recommend him to my friends. Even we wanted the floors installed right away, he pointed out the tiles, and new windows has to done first, and he shold be the last just before we move in. He just wanted to be sure the new floors did not damaged by other trades.

Catherine T, in San Marcos TX

First i thought I could not afford his services, but when he offered me a free estimate and seeing his proposal, I realize not only it is affortable, actually I could not afford someone else mess up the job. It turned out great, I got a lot of compliments for my floors.

Mathew J. in Austin TX

As a residential remodeller for 12 years, I’ve seen many floor installations. I would be remiss if I didn’t tell you that the installers at the…job in Windsor Rd. were some of the best I’ve ever seen. As the general, working with the designer, their attention to detail helped make the job a success.

John S. in Vienna, VA

I have worked with Sam for many years and I have found them to be reasonably priced, very good to deal with, they are clean and I would not hesitate to highly recommend them.

Andrea L. in Great Falls VA

Sam is a great guy. He's easygoing. He understands. He is willing to do whatever it takes. Whenever a problem arises he will step up and make sure everything is where it's supposed to be. His crew was on time, they were professional and courteous. Everything went very smooth.

Brad S in Washington DC

I really liked Sam. He did work for me before. He showed up on time. He was a great guy. I think that because he has a small company, his values roll down (to the others)...He sets the tone for the company. He basically did a big favor for me because he installed all in on a weekend. I don't think anyone else would have done it. When he came in, we were dealing with difficult materials. The job was done. Great job. Good company.

Joann T. in Virginia Beach, VA

I gave them a call; they came out to estimate; and I had my new floors installed within that same week. I had questions about how the install was going to take place and they were very patient with me in answering all of my questions (I can be a bit of a pain sometimes). I have since recommended them to 3 of my friends as well as my daughter and all have come back to thank me.

Jan S. in Reboath Beach, DE (custom home builder)

First,I have bought materials from his company several times,,which he supplied high quality materials on time. When he opened a store in VA, I have asked him if he can send his crew to install hardwood floors that was complicated for my carpenters, not only he send his crew, he personally came over to oversee the job is done right.If you want the job done right at once, he is the guy!

Stephanie W. in Reston, VA

I would recommend DesignersHardwood to all my friends and family. Their technicians did a great job on our floor and were always professional while in our home."

Bill Hicks,Oakville, ON-Architect

We design custom homes $3-5 million price range,we always recommended Sam's company for hardwood floors to our clients.He always supplied the specified materials and installed and finished perfectly.Any design drawn comes reality with his ability.